Pana Animal Hospital

1100 E Jackson St
Pana, IL 62557


The Daily Colby, Edition 3 - 01/10/2020

Hey, it’s Colby,

Have you ever been a creature of habit? I know I have. I like to do things the same
way everyday. I have a whole routine, and I am cat enough to admit I get grumpy
if I can’t keep up with that routine. I have my very own “room” set up in the back
that I sleep in overnight. It has my special sock monkey I have from Christmas
(from one of the lovely ladies here), my bed, and my special food. It is a
comfy place and my safe spot at times. 

Every morning, the girls come in and let me out while they handle the other
patients morning walks/feedings and things. I make my first set of morning
rounds then, to greet all of our guests. I like to sniff around their rooms and
see what kind of animal they are and how they are doing. After the girls have
finished tending to the other animals it’s, of course, my turn again. I stand at
the kennel people’s feet and tell them all about my night, they then take me on
their shoulder to my room. They have prepared it with fresh litter, fresh food,
water, and fluffed my bed for me. I like to nibble on the food before helpfully
dumping my water to let them know I am done. They then let me back out to
make my next set of rounds. The clinic is a busy place for a nosey cat like me
and I like to see if I missed anyone or if new people are around. 

I visit everyone in the back to make sure all the ladies working know I am here.
I go up front next to check in the patients with our receptionist for the day.
My favorite window is up there so if the other animals are not interesting enough
I will usually sit on the window and watch the birds I intend to catch. I usually bathe
in the sun coming from the big window doors around lunch time and if it’s quiet
enough I’ll take a nap there too. I am in my best mood if I’m able to do that. If I can’t
manage a nap in the sun because people keep disrupting me, then the girls will usually
take me to the back for a nap in my room. I like to get out mid-afternoon and go
around to visit everyone again, make sure no one snuck in without me knowing,
and then hang out for the rest of the day with my receptionists. I like to lay on the
desk and help people write their checks and babysit the little animals that make
a visit to the desk too. Before everyone leaves, I make it around one more time
and let all the patients that are staying know I am still here and in charge.
Then the girls put me in my room with fresh food and a newly made bed.

The girls always joke and say I am the baby around here. If my routine is
interrupted by a chaotic day, I get fussy. The girls know this and try to
accommodate me. Some say I need to learn manners, and sometimes they
aren’t wrong, but more than anything, I am a cat. We are creatures of habit,
and we can be nosey and love the commotion sometimes, but we are also
solitary animals that need space from humans and other animals. So, if I am
in a bad mood, it’s best if you steer clear! I am the king of being “Hangry”
and needing naps. Really, most people can agree with either problem,
and only wish they could have the life of a cat like me! 

Looks like it’s naptime now. See ya later,


The Daily Colby, Special Edition 2 - 12/20/2019

Dear Santa,

I am writing to you to ask to be put on the nice list. I promise I have been a very good cat.
Well, ok, maybe not the best but that just means there is room for improvement, right?
The girls have come up with a list of things that I need to work on for the new year,
so consider this a plea for the nice list AND a new years resolution, all in one!
They have even so cleverly titled it “10 Naughty things Colby does,” but I assure you,
they aren’t as bad as they seem!

10 Naughty Things Colby Does:
  • Bites the staff (especially Brittney!)
  • Bites the clients
  • Drinks from the toilet
  • Steals other pets' food
  • Digs in trash
  • Dumps water bowl
  • Torments other patients in cages/carriers
  • Eats anything and everything
  • Bugs us in the surgery room
  • Gets Hangry!

I mean, come on, some of these are just not fair on the girls’ part! 

  1. Of course I bite Brittney! She is the only one in the clinic that won’t pick me up when I ask. If I'm being honest, that probably has to do with the fact that when she gives in and picks me up, I do go ahead and bite he!, I feel her attitude is just unacceptable. She really should enjoy me and my presence.
  2. As for the clients, well ok, I may need to work on that a little!
  3. I drink out of the toilet because it has GOT to be the most fun fresh water to get. It is just a challenge. Forget the fact that I have fresh water out in a bowl at all times. In order to get this water, I have to sneak up on the toilet bowl and fish for it! It is a fun game, and I don’t see how that it is really all that big of a deal.\
  4. I only steal pets’ food and dig in the trash when the girls give me my special food. You have got to understand that one, Santa! I mean, if we took your milk and cookies away, wouldn’t you want to find where we hid them? The food I have to eat may help me live a healthier life, but it is not the most tasty food.
  5. See above!
  6. I have said it before and I will say it again. Dumping my water is most definitely a good               idea. I only do this to let the girls know that I am finished with my food. I prefer fresh food and I prefer things to be on my schedule. So, this is the best way to accomplish both things! If I dump my water, the girls will know I am finished with my food and replace it with fresh food. It’s really to benefit everyone.
  7. I think the girls are very confused on this one. I do NOT torment the pets in cages/carriers. I am merely letting them know I am here. This is my house. I’m trying to be a good host and check on my guests. I greet them when their people carry them in by getting on their cages and looking straight at them. I check on the pets that are in their rooms by going and standing in the middle of them and looking at all the cages. I can’t help that all the pets get excited to see me and bark/meow!
  8. Eating anything and everything is also helpful to the girls. Eating the cheese and crackers on the counter the other day was a very good idea. What if the cheese had been bad and the humans had attempted to eat it? I was saving them from a belly ache later! Or that tree they brought in and put stuff on? I mean come on! Do they even know what could of been in there? I have to take care of the girls. They bring lots of stuff around I haven't ever seen, and I need to make sure they know what they are doing.
  9. The girls call it bugging them. I call it entertaining them. I am usually telling them a story. Just because they can’t understand it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t appreciate it. I also have to be a good host to those animals in the surgery room and let them know I am there, too. Then, there is the grumpy ones that are telling the girls off. Do they want me to not protect them? I have to let them know I am not happy they are talking to the girls in that way and that they need to behave. So see? Really I am a hero.
  10. Gets hangry? Well, all I have to say about that is, who doesn’t? That is not even a naughty offense. I like my food when I like my food. If I get hungry of course I’ll get angry. It’s common sense and the girls really can’t blame me for that one.

So you see Santa, I really feel like I need to be put on the nice list. Everybody has
room for improvement. I’m just like the rest of them! I promise I’ll do better next year!


The very NICE Colby!

The Daily Colby, Special Edition 1 - 08/08/2019

Hey everybody,

Guess what?! I’m turning 3 this year! It’s my birthday and I can be Boss if I want. . .
I think that’s how that song goes! Anyways, my birthday that Genesis guessed me to
have is August 8th, 2016. 

On my first birthday the girls at Pana Animal Hospital threw me a big birthday party.
There was cake and presents for me. Some of our avid cat clients and patients came
in especially for me that day. They wished me Happy Birthday and gave me cards
and presents! We haven’t had a birthday party for me since because we know other
awesome patients have birthdays and deserve special things too, and the girls say
I can’t hog all of the attention from the clients at PAH. 

Don’t let my belly aching fool you though. The girls have never forgotten my birthday.
All the employees get special treats and cards on their birthdays and I am no exception.
The girls really know how to treat a cat! Of course they are really good about spoiling me
all the time, not just my birthday. I’ve already mentioned Dr. Lutz’s special treat drawer,
and the girls random toys they bring me, and my freedom to roam here, but they also
just make sure they let me know I am loved. I am not always an easy going cat.
Who is all the time? PAH girls don’t hold that against me and still show me affection
and talk to me whenever they get the chance. So I guess, in reality, everyday is my birthday!
But August 8th really is my birthday, don’t forget it!

I think every pet deserves special birthdays and birthday parties. We become such an
important part of our owner’s lives. I mean depending on many factors including but
not limited to- genetics, environment, nutrition, stress factors, overall health and
many other things- we get to be part of our owner’s life for 10-20 years (sometimes more).
That’s a lifetime for us, but only a small part of our owner’s, and yet we make such a
big impact on them. I am not trying to be a stick in the mud, I mean I am really talking
about how amazing that truly is for us and for our owners. We mean so much to
each other, and in the end, I think the owners need to be applauded for taking such
amazing care of us. Sometimes it isn’t easy. We get into trouble, we cost money,
we make messes, we get grouchy. We also love with all our hearts, we know
how to make a sad person happy, we amuse people, we live for our owners.
So have the birthday parties for us, we will be there for yours too! That is the
best part about being each others companions. 

Ok, now that I got a little serious for a minute, I think it’s time to celebrate!
Bring on the treats and presents! The girls better get ready to spoil me!
Trust me, I know when a day is a special day.
I better get extra rides and extra treats, and presents. Don’t worry, I know they have it under control.

Off to Celebrate!


The Daily Colby, Edition 2 - 06/01/2019

Colby here again!

People often ask how Pana Animal Hospital was lucky enough to get me to live with them.
I tell all of them to thank Genesis Animal Rescue. My siblings and I were all unique, I was
born without a tail and my sisters all had extra toes, so I came to visit PAH for awhile before
I went to find a home. Sometimes tailless cats have bathroom issues and they needed to make
sure I didn’t before I found a Fur-ever home. I stayed here long enough for them to make sure I
was ok, and of course, they fell in love with me. Dr. Lutz said I could stay here and be the official
clinic cat. My whole litter was named after cheese so my name was already chosen, I kind of think
it fits me though. There isn’t a lot of Colby’s out there, not many can pull it off like me. 

So I began my journey as the PAH mascot and official greeter. I also keep the 
employees at PAH entertained as I roam around asking to be carried on their shoulders,
or asking for treats. The girls let me drape over their shoulders and ride around like a
feathered boa until I have reached wherever I wanted to end up. Usually the place I like
to end up the most is at Dr. Lutz’s desk. She gives me my very own treats and will usually
talk to me before I get bored and wander off. I have put myself in charge of checking on the
patients, too. If the patients have no problems and I am not bugging them too much I am allowed
to walk around all the cages and see who has come to visit me for the day. So far I haven’t
found anyone all that interesting but I still think it’s nice they get to see me for a bit. 
It must make their day better! Genesis really knew what they were doing when they
brought me to PAH. It was really the perfect match for all of us.
On that note, it’s about time I go see who has come to visit me for the day. 

There are always so many people and furry friends to visit in a day, and I of course have
to get to them all. Goodbye for now.


The Daily Colby, Edition 1 - 05/01/2019

I was sitting in my favorite spot, up in the window, here at Pana Animal Hospital watching
those pesky birds flit by just out of my reach today. I was thinking to myself just how much
people don’t know about me. Of course, with that thought I immediately decided people
would want to know about me. Afterall, I am Colby. With that thought in mind I have decided
to start my very own blog. I will keep the people updated on me, and my adventures around
Pana Animal Hospital through here. I hope everyone will tune in to see what I get myself into.

Today, I still have to find a way to get those birds that are taunting me. I don’t dare go out the
door when people come and go. Outside cat life is not the life for me. I enjoy the constant
attention I get from all these people that are running around here throughout the day.
If I’m really lucky I can usually even talk Dr. Lutz into giving me a few treats outside of
my regular feeding times. I have a big bed in my “room” I get to sleep in at night,
and free reign over the clinic throughout the day. I know some cats enjoy being outdoors,
but I will stick to my castle I have built here. I do daydream about catching those birds though. . .

For now I will leave you with that. I have much contemplating in my window to do today.