Pana Animal Hospital

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The Daily Colby  August 8, 2019  Special Edition 1 

Hey everybody,

Guess what?! I’m turning 3 this year! It’s my birthday and I can be Boss if I want. . . I think that’s how that song goes! Anyways, my birthday that Genesis guessed me to have is August 8th, 2016. 


On my first birthday the girls at Pana Animal Hospital threw me a big birthday party. There was cake and presents for me. Some of our avid cat clients and patients came in especially for me that day. They wished me Happy Birthday and gave me cards and presents! We haven’t had a birthday party for me since because we know other awesome patients have birthdays and deserve special things too, and the girls say I can’t hog all of the attention from the clients at PAH. 


Don’t let my belly aching fool you though. The girls have never forgotten my birthday. All the employees get special treats and cards on their birthdays and I am no exception. The girls really know how to treat a cat! Of course they are really good about spoiling me all the time, not just my birthday. I’ve already mentioned Dr. Lutz’s special treat drawer, and the girls random toys they bring me, and my freedom to roam here, but they also just make sure they let me know I am loved. I am not always an easy going cat. Who is all the time? PAH girls don’t hold that against me and still show me affection and talk to me whenever they get the chance. So I guess, in reality, everyday is my birthday! But August 8th really is my birthday, don’t forget it!


I think every pet deserves special birthdays and birthday parties. We become such an important part of our owner’s lives. I mean depending on many factors including but not limited to- genetics, environment, nutrition, stress factors, overall health and many other things- we get to be part of our owner’s life for 10-20 years (sometimes more). That’s a lifetime for us, but only a small part of our owner’s, and yet we make such a big impact on them. I am not trying to be a stick in the mud, I mean I am really talking about how amazing that truly is for us and for our owners. We mean so much to each other, and in the end, I think the owners need to be applauded for taking such amazing care of us. Sometimes it isn’t easy. We get into trouble, we cost money, we make messes, we get grouchy. We also love with all our hearts, we know how to make a sad person happy, we amuse people, we live for our owners. So have the birthday parties for us, we will be there for yours too! That is the best part about being each others companions. 


Ok, now that I got a little serious for a minute, I think it’s time to celebrate! Bring on the treats and presents! The girls better get ready to spoil me! Trust me, I know when a day is a special day. I better get extra rides and extra treats, and presents. Don’t worry, I know they have it under control.


Off to Celebrate!