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Every few months one of the doctors (Dr. Lutz or Dr. Mettendorf) will be writing up an article about a topic they find important or interesting that is animal related. 

FAQ’s with Dr. Mettendorf about Animal Chiropractic

Zina adjustment 1         Zina adjustment 2               Dr. Mettendorf adjusting Zina Blackwell

Q: How did you become involved in animal chiropractic?

A: I had a couple of horses that had back and hip pain, and my dad took them to an equine chiropractor when I was in high school. I was fascinated by how well they responded to the treatment. Later, I saw a booth at a veterinary conference during vet school for Options for Animals College of Animal Chiropractic and knew I was interested!

Q: What kind of education did you have to have to do animal chiropractic?

A: Options for Animals College of Animal Chiropractic in Wellsville, KS requires you to be a veterinarian or a human Chiropractor to enter their program. I am a licensed veterinarian that is also certified in Animal Chiropractic.

Q: What is animal chiropractic?

A: Chiropractic care works well with medicine, surgery and other treatment varieties to help bring our animals the most well-rounded care. The spinal column is closely related to the nervous system, so it can help treat a variety of issues that have to do with the nervous and spinal systems. All body systems have some sort of a connection with the nervous system. Chiropractic care can restore and preserve the health of the animal. The adjustment is defined as a very specific, short lever, high velocity, low amplitude, controlled thrust that can correct vertebral subluxation complexes.

Q:What species do you treat?

A: I treat cats, dogs, horses, cattle, pigs, etc.  Anything that is an animal, I can probably attempt to adjust.

Q: When do you recommend chiropractic care?

A: I think it is good for all older animals to receive chiropractic care because it can help with hip dysplasia, arthritis, neck pain and so much more. All athletic and active animals, even if they are young can also benefit from chiropractic care. They are just like humans, they can just stand up and have something painful happen. Any patient, can benefit from chiropractic care. I go to my human chiropractor once a month for maintenance whether I think I need it or not, and I always feel better afterwards!

If there are anymore questions that anyone has about animal chiropractic, feel free to call the clinic at 217-562-5558 and I will be happy to discuss chiropractic care with you! If you think your pet could benefit from chiropractic care, I encourage you to make an appointment, I would love to adjust your fur babies!

Zina adjustment 4       Zina adjustment 5    Zina adjustment 6   

More pictures from Zina's adjustment. Zina is a very active boxer belonging to our CVT Jacelyn.